PASL History

The Premier Arena Soccer League was founded in 1998 as a regional amateur league that gave facility owners the ability to stage elite level amateur games and compete on a regional and national basis.

From humble beginnings the league that today is known as PASL-Premier grew to over 50 teams.

Citing a need in the marketplace for a professional indoor league with a sensible financial structure the league branched out in 2008 and created the Professional Arena Soccer League (PASL).

The PASL started play in 2008-09 with eight teams and today the PASL-Premier serves as its official developmental league.

North American Champions
Year Champion League  Runner Up 
2008/09 California Cougars  PASL-Pro 1790 Cincinnati
2009/10 San Diego Sockers  PASL-Pro  La Raza de Guadalajara 
2010/11 San Diego Sockers PASL-Pro  Sidekicks Mexico 
Ron Newman Cup Champions
Year Champion League Runner Up
2011/12 San Diego Sockers PASL Detroit Waza
2012/13 San Diego Sockers PASL Detroit Waza
2013/14 Chicago Mustangs PASL     Hidalgo La Fiera
US Open Arena Soccer Champions
Year Champion League Runner Up
2008/09 St. Louis Illusion  PASL-Pro Detroit Waza
2009/10 San Diego Sockers  PASL-Pro Louisville Lightning 
2010/11 San Diego Sockers  PASL-Pro  Cincinnati Kings 
2011/12  San Diego Sockers PASL Cincinnati Kings
2012/13 Detroit Waza PASL San Diego Sockers
2013/14 Chicago Mustangs PASL Hidalgo La Fiera
PASL-Premier Champions
  Winter   Summer
Year Champion Year Champion
    1998 Santa Clara
    1999 Santa Rosa
    2000 ISA 2000
    2001 OTW Sacramento
    2002 OTW Sacramento
2003/04 Minnesota Blast 2003 Bladium Hornets
2004/05 Mass Aztecs 2004  Tacoma Stars
2005/06  OTW Sacramento 2005 San Diego Fusion
2006/07  Studio  2006 Cuernavaca
2007/08 Waza 2007 Stockton Pumas
2008/09 Vitesse Dallas 2008 Santa Clara
2009/10 Tacoma Stars 2009 Santa Clara
2010/11 Las Vegas Knights 2010 Ft. Collins Fury
2011/12 Vitesse Dallas 2011 Santa Clara
2012/13 Bladium Rosal 2012 Las Vegas Knights
2013/14 Mustangs Premier 2013 Las Vegas Knights
PASL-Premier Women’s Champions
    Year Champion
    2008 Santa Clara
    2009 Chico United
    2010 Denver Sizzle
    2011 Soccer World Elk Grove
    2012 Soccer World Elk Grove
    2013 Soccer World Elk Grove